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Arsene Wenger Is A Dinosaur..

Time to splash some cash..
Time to splash some cash..

Arsenal have started the new season emphatically. Thanks to the vast riches that Arsenal FC has amassed, Arsenal is doing things in style. The money was there to be spent and Mr Wenger meant business in this transfer window. He took the initiative and decided that “enough is enough”. Wenger ran out of ink as he kept signing those cheques. He will be rewarded for this in May 2014  with a trophy (finally). I bet he is worried about the space constraints in the trophy cabinet.

The opening paragraph is a work of fiction and it has no resemblance to any reality. The opening paragraph is one of the directions that Mr Wenger could have taken but he decided against it. And we have had the worst possible start to the season. A 3-1 defeat against the hammers at the Emirates. This is too early to say that Arsenal have lost it but isn’t unfair to say that. All bets are off for Arsenal to even qualify for Champions League next season (winning is impossible). And if you really wanna earn some quick bucks and bet on Arsenal’s chances to do the same click here for latest Arsenal betting.

Wenger is a brilliant man but there is a thin line between brilliance and stupidity and I feel that Wenger is in the gray zone. Wenger has been promising us trophies since neanderthal times. This season was supposed to be the turning point and Arsenal were supposed to fight for the trophies. But we are back to the square one.

There is a huge shakeup that needs to take place and it has to start from the top. Wenger has to move upstairs graciously. Wenger will be a good director of football.

If Wenger won’t change then lets change Wenger.

Arsenal tried to buy all sorts of top players. Ivan told us in the beginning that we had money to be spent and yet the first signing that we made was a free signing of Sonogo. Agreed that he is Yaya but his surname is not Toure. The second signing will again be a free signing of Flamini. Wenger a is deal monger and he keeps coming up with cheap deals. I am not against cheap deals but cheap deals wont win us a trophy. Few strong/big signings will do.

Wenger told yesterday that the transfer season has just started for him. I can just wish that his watch was on time. The transfer season started few months back Mr Wenger and all the big players are gone by now. And the ones who are remaining won’t leave because their clubs don’t have enough time to replace them.

Mr Wenger, we beg you. Please grow up and learn something from Legendary Sir Alex Ferguson.

Adaptability is one the greatest virtues in any profession and people who don’t adapt become dinosaurs. And unfortunately Mr Wenger is a dinosaur.

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3 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Is A Dinosaur..

  1. Bet you feel stupid now? Its ok though, you look way more stupid than you probably feel.
    Probably a good idea to just don’t blog anymore and leave it for real fans.

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